The History Behind Post and Beam Construction

Nov 30, 2018 9:47:06 AM / by Priscila Novaes


Timber Frame or Post & Beam construction is a building method that goes back to 2,000 B.C. In Europe, there are post & beam buildings that have been standing since the Middle Ages, while in North America many of the remaining 18th and 19th century structures were built using post & beam construction.

In Europe these buildings and the art of their fabrication is referred to as post & beam, but in North America the heavy timber construction has become known as timber frame.

Today, many people are yearning to live in a unique environment which they have had a role in creating.  A desire to create a home built for generations to come. Indeed, a return to an old-fashioned concept of home. They are rediscovering the enduring quality of timber framing, and the warmth provided by beautiful exposed wood. The building styles created using exposed timbers are as varied as their shapes. In some cases traditional in their styling and in other cases contemporary allowing vast expanses of glass only interrupted by the structural posts & beams.

If you are looking for a building with undeniable beauty that allows for large open concept spaces, post and beam construction is the right choice for you. Arching cathedral ceilings and breathtaking great rooms are a couple of the most unique an inviting features associated with post and beam homes.

Post and beam homes are constructed using heavy timbers that become the structural basis of the building, its is a method of building that comprises vertical structural posts and horizontal beams joined, to create a frame into which walls will be placed. Due to the fact that this structure will be holding the roof load, the number of interior walls can be reduced, making it easy to create open concept spaces.

It is common for the beams to be exposed inside the building, creating interesting and dramatic features.

Masterful cutting and notching are factory crafted to create a custom timber frame home in a reasonable time at a very reasonable cost. The timber frame structure also allows for the use of our state-of-the-art wall and roof insulation systems to form an uninterrupted ‘super insulated’ envelope around the house.

The result: homes with the beauty and strength of yesteryear, while providing the energy efficiency, quality and affordability demanded by today’s knowledgeable buyer.


Few people can resist the powerful beauty of a Timber Frame home.

The magic of course is the timbers... glowing and majestic almost demanding a visitor’s touch. There are many options when it comes to timber frames such as: Eastern White Pine, Western Douglas Fir or glue-laminated timbers because they are so beautiful to look at... pure and aromatic when freshly cut, then aged or easily stained to take on the patina of your choice.

The result...

Smooth yet rugged timbers, notched and tightly fitted, soaring ceilings, airy lofts and graceful windows that arch two stories high, creating an interior appearance that pleases the sense of sight, smell and touch. This in turn creates a feeling of warmth, beauty and inner strength that looks as though it might just last forever. A look that separates it from most other homes yet blends in beautifully with the natural surroundings.

If this is your dream, Normerica can easily make it come true. We create everything from the simplest lakeside cottage to magnificent country estate residences, club houses and resorts... and always with an authentic timber frame of the highest quality. In addition to our extensive portfolio of past designs, we work with many clients and their architects to develop custom designs to meet a wide range of needs, lifestyles and budgets. Of course, every design meets Normerica’s exacting standards of architectural and building system excellence.

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