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Apr 17, 2024 11:23:27 AM / by Normerica Timber Homes

Announcing Normerica's New

High Performance Wall System

We are excited to announce our new panelized high performance insulated wall system! These wall panels will enclose your home in a fraction of the time of building normal walls and the panels are the very best for energy efficiency, engineering and building science. 

Our high-performance insulated wall panels are factory assembled to a high degree of precision on a robotic assembly line. They are made with premium products including insulated ZIP sheathing. On site, they can be quickly installed around your home, usually in a matter of a few days. Once the panel seams are taped, the wall has an un-interrupted layer of exterior insulation with an exterior air and weather-barrier allowing for a much more energy-efficient and comfortable home that also better protects your timber frame investment.

To celebrate this exciting new evolution of our product, for a limited time, we are offering a free upgrade to our new pre-built panels. Build a high-performance home and save time and thousands of dollars while you're at it!

What is a high performing home? One that is:

  •  energy efficient,
  • healthy,
  • comfortable for its occupants,
  • and lasts.

The value of pre-built walls is approximately 5% of an average Normerica package price. This represents savings in the range of $15,000 - $25,000! In addition, construction cost should decrease significantly as the walls are already framed, saving you time and even more money.

Panels Promotion Normerica Timber Homes Interior and Exterior Wall Images of Wall System


Offer for contracts signed between April 6th and May 20th, 2024.

Don't miss out on saving while building your timber frame dream home!
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About Normerica

Since 1979, Normerica has created the highest quality timber frame homes and buildings across North America and around the world. Our decades of timber frame experience and expert in-house design capabilities have given us the ability to offer a high level of customization and design flexibility – a key advantage of timber frame homes and post and beam construction.