Customized Cottage Plan Inspired by History - Dockside Magazine Spring 2022

Jun 7, 2022 3:08:15 PM / by Normerica Timber Homes

Customizing a cottage plan that combines classic cottage styling with modern innovation

The team at Normerica is very proud to have one of our customized timber frame cottage projects featured in Dockside Magazine in its recent Dockside Spring 2022 Edition. The Modern Traditions timber frame project is a classic cottage designed with modern innovation and inspired by history. 

The Modern Traditions cottage captures the rustic style the owners had grown to love in their previous cottage of over 40 years.

“I didn’t want to lose the rugged wildness of the original cottage.”

The Dockside Magazine article features an interview with the owner, Bill:

  • He loved the traditional cottage that occupied the property. But after years of renovations to the drafty seasonal dwelling, it was time to rebuild.
  • Bill's first goal was to find a custom home builder that could build in the rustic style he had grown to love.
  • Bill and his wife started their journey to find the right custom home builders eight years before they intended to start building.
  • He was won over by a combination of Normerica's patience, client-first approach, and the feel of their timber frame cottage plans.
  • Bill worked collaboratively with the Normerica team through seven different revisions including 3D walkthroughs of the cottage customization to allow him to visualize the reality of the cottage and conceptualize aspects he had previously overlooked.

Bill loved every aspect of working with Normerica:

“I can confidently say, if I needed to move forward faster, I could have done it quickly, given the information and
experience I had working with Normerica. You get a lot of experience there.”

timber frame customized cottage plan inspired by history dockside magazine spring 2022 normerica

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