Timber Frame Construction Perfect Fit Featured in Dockside Magazine

Nov 26, 2021 9:48:01 AM / by Normerica Timber Homes

We are delighted that Dockside Magazine has featured one of Normerica's timber frame custom projects in its recent Dockside Winter 2021 Edition. The Woodland Retreat timber frame project is a custom design with inspiration drawn from Normerica's extensive library of house plans

The Woodland Retreat is truly a dream come true for the proud owners.

“We love our home and are extremely happy we chose Normerica to bring our dream to life.”

But don't take our word for it! The Dockside Magazine article highlights the interview with the couple behind the project, John and Christine:

  • the original inspiration, Christine's parents' log home, and the memories it evoked
  • refining the concept of a log home with timber frame construction, to allow for more flexibility and natural light
  • the expertise that the Normerica team brought to the table
  • the extensive library of existing Normerica timber frame designs that helped them mold their timber frame dream
  • the process of working collaboratively with the Normerica team to enhance the look and feel of the home 

John speaks to working with Normerica:

“Normerica was easy to work with and get our design figured out. They were super-professional and great to work with. They took care of any minor challenges – there weren’t any major ones – in a timely and professional manner.”

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