The Importance of Having an Onsite Craftsman when Building your Custom Timber Frame Home

Nov 1, 2018 9:04:00 AM / by Priscila Novaes

Custom timber frame homes are popular and you may have a client who is interested.

Clients are choosing timber frame homes because of the complete freedom they have to customize and personalize their home design due to the process and the built-in-flexibility of post and beam construction.

Builders are choosing to work with timber frame homes because of the many advantages timber frame experts bring with them.

Here are the reasons why having an onsite craftsman working with you is an advantage:

  1. An onsite craftsman will be able to assist the contractor with any technical questions during the entire process of putting the timber frame package together.


  1. Several weeks before your timber frame package arrives on site the technical representative will be in touch with the contractor to confirm a completion date for the sub floor system so a date can be arranged for when they will be required on site to start the timber frame portion of the package.


  1. If you are hesitant on taking on a timber frame package due to lack of experience with assembling timber frame, a Tech. Rep. will be able to eliminate that uncertainty and be able to work with you and direct your crew on assembling the package in the most efficient method. Timber frame experts know how to work with the crew as a team member in order to put everyone at ease.


  1. If you are wondering how much time an onsite craftsman spends at a construction site, that will vary, depending on the size and complexity of the design.


  1. During those days the technical representative will take the time to review all of the drawings in specific detail to make sure the rest of the package is assembled correctly once the timber frame is erected. After that they are only a phone call away to answer any of the contractors questions. If required, a technical representative can be scheduled for additional time to assist the contractor.

 Technical representatives are a unique team of experts that understand the intricacies of a timber frame project. We will work closely with builders and architects and provide you with a detailed quote to help remove the complexity of delivering an accurate budget back to your client. Your client will love the integrity, warmth, and timelessness of the post and beam building that you have created for them.

 Normerica is a great partner if you are a builder or architect interested in working in post and beam construction. If you are a builder or architect looking to use Normerica Timber Frame expertise for your client, get started by downloading our Construction Guide for builders and architects.

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