The Strength of Timber Framing Construction

Mar 4, 2015 12:01:41 PM / by normerica_

Those of you who are timber frame or post and beam aficionados, appreciate the beauty, the views and the soaring great rooms of our homes. But you might be unaware of the strength that timber framing construction brings to a home structure.


Normerica timber homes and cottages are designed and engineered to withstand the worst weather that Mother Nature can throw at our buildings. Snow loads, seismic activity, hurricane and tornado activity are all considered when designing our buildings. It has been proven time and again timber framing construction can stand up to harshest conditions in any local jurisdiction.

For example, when earthquakes hit both Japan and Turkey, our timber framing construction homes survived the devastation.


This home which was built in Barbados has withstood 5 major hurricanes since it was built according to the owner of the home.

home in Barbados

Homes and resorts in ski country routinely have to be designed and engineered to with stand extremely high snowfalls over the season.


Our seaside timber framing construction homes have been known to survive the worst flooding imaginable.


Finally this testimonial from one of our customers puts into his own words what his home went through in Ontario recently

“We now live on 6.5. acres in Central Huron County and are very happy in our location and home. The people who purchased our Normerica Glengarry, they absolutely love their spot . I wasn’t too sure if I had shared this information with you, but there was an F2 tornado that ripped through Huron Woods at the end of July 2014 where the post and beam is located and the path was immediately behind the structure. As a testament to the quality of the home and the construction of same , 18 towering red pines fell directly on the home and there was NO structural damage other than the replacement of roof capping and one skylight that was smashed. That is a 27 year old home….quite unbelievable” D. Plumb


About Normerica

Since 1979, Normerica has created the highest quality timber frame homes and buildings across North America and around the world. Our decades of timber frame experience and expert in-house design capabilities have given us the ability to offer a high level of customization and design flexibility – a key advantage of timber frame homes and post and beam construction.