Original Timber Frame Chalet Gets a Design Update from Sarah Richardson

Jul 28, 2021 10:33:08 AM / by Normerica Timber Homes

Normerica’s Contemporary Timber Frame Chalet Gets a Design Makeover While Taking Advantage of the Timeless Timber Frame Style

Happily dubbed the Contemporary Chalet by Sarah Richardson and her Design Team, one of Normerica’s original timber frame homes built in 1986 was recently the featured space for a complete design makeover.

Normerica has been in the business of building timber frame homes since 1979. They are one of the oldest timber frame companies in Canada. Normerica remains Canada’s leader in timber frame buildings with the experience of building thousands of timber frame homes, cottages, chalets, and other structures.

Sarah Richardson is an award-winning designer and television personality with a video series on YouTube called Design Life. In September 2019, Sarah’s team began renovating and updating the Contemporary Chalet.

The Final Reveal: A Normerica Contemporary Chalet Gets A Design Makeover by Sarah Richardson

Normerica’s Team was lucky enough to be invited back to the original Contemporary Chalet site by the Sarah Richardson Design Team to participate in the final reveal.

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In episode 41, Sarah welcomes the Normerica team as she reveals the ground floor of the Contemporary Chalet! In this episode, we get a sneak peek into the transformation of the lower level: bathroom, laundry room, and guest room. The biggest reveal and design evolution since the original build in 1986 is definitely the painted-out staircase and timber ceiling throughout the ground floor.

Find out how the Normerica team really feels about painting the timbers white as opposed to leaving them in their natural wood stain!


5 Normerica Timber Frames, Sarah Richardson Design, Master Bedroom, Painted Timbers

In episode 45 of Design Life, the Normerica-built Contemporary Chalet has completed its chalet evolution. This original Normerica timber frame chalet design from the 1980’s had a unique inverted floor plan in order to take in the beautiful sights and surroundings and while the original chalet plan has kept up to date with the changing times, the interior design has not.


Sarah Richardson took on this dated chalet design and completely transformed the interior of the home with a fresh and modern makeover. Without replacing a single window or door and keeping the heritage and architectural beauty of the timber frame intact, Sarah brought this Contemporary Chalet into the modern day! It's a perfect example of how timber frame chalet designs can be leveraged to support a variety of styles and designs – making updates timeless and limitless.

4 Normerica Timber Frames, Sarah Richardson Design, Kitchen, Living Room, Stairs, Loft, Painted Timbers, Natural Timbers

The final reveal of the Contemporary Chalet: we can’t believe what a transformation the living room and the dining room have been through!

3 Normerica Timber Frames, Sarah Richardson Design, Living Room, Fireplace, Cathedral Ceiling, Painted Timbers, Natural Timbers

Take the tour in episode 45 with David McFarlane, Founder and former President of Normerica, and Chris McFarlane, current President, as they reflect on the original home and take in the beauty of Sarah Richardson’s design. The father and son duo stand proudly behind Normerica’s timber frame designs, a family business, and represent both the classic and modern design elements that timber frame has to offer.

Watch from the Beginnning of the Transformation!

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