Timber Frame Custom Home Builders

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Outdoor Living Spaces

While timber homes and cottages are beautiful buildings and great places in which to live, there are other timber applications which can enhance your home or cottage environment.

A small cabin or custom Bunkie is a great addition to the cottage for guests or kids (mostly kids) to spend the night and give you more privacy.

A small cabin

Bunkies can be unique buildings onto themselves or they can be custom designed to match the cottage shape and colours.



Another outdoor living space is the boathouse. Every boat needs a house and a timber boathouse is a great addition to any cottage. Whether it is used only for the boat and other toys or if you add living space above, the boathouse adds character and is a practical space for cottagers.



Back in town or in the city, timber frame outdoor buildings can enhance even the most spectacular backyards. Whether you need a building by the pool, a pergola or a place to barbeque and just hang out, timber frame living outside adds a unique dimension to your home.

the most spectacular backyards

Timber homes and cottages are beautiful structures on their own. However, you can enhance your environment by adding spectacular and practical outdoor living spaces to enjoy throughout the year.