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Contemporary Timber Homes

Traditionally, timber construction has been a hugely popular option for lakeside cottages, cabins and rural living. In many cases, these homes reflect standard “cottage” designs which are prevalent in the geographic area where they are built. Lately there has been an increased trend towards using more contemporary designs for cottages and rural homes. Normerica introduced several of these designs for consideration for our customers.

Contemporary Timber Homes


The Kershaw was introduced a few years ago and its popularity has resulted in the creation of a new, smaller design as shown below.



In addition, the Perrault combines contemporary elevations, flatter roofs and plenty of glass for that contemporary look.

Cottage Plans Perrault

Based on these designs, several of our customers have had our design team come up with variations on the contemporary, more modern look that addresses their particular tastes in a home.


These designs offer a great combination of glass, timbers and stone which blends into any setting.