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A 10 Step Flexible Process To Building A Custom Home

When we first meet them we find that many people just assume that we build just set ‘cookie-cutter’ designs. The fact is, 70% of the homes Normerica builds are custom designs.

That means the 50 cottage plans and home designs we have on our site and the thousand+ more in our design library are just thought-starters.

The reason for this is the Flexible Design Process we’ve built over the years. After all, it’s the home you’ve waited your whole life to build so collaboration – between you, our Designers & Engineers and, if you have one, your architect – is more likely to end up truly being your ‘dream home. This short 3-minute video explains Normerica’s unique 10 Step Process to Flexible Design.

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Normerica is a custom home builder creating authentic timber frame homes for local & export markets since 1979 from its home office in Ontario. If you want to explore over 50 award-winning cottage & custom home plans visit the design section on our website.